- Why can't I add this item to my cart?

In order for us to provide the best customer experience during these times, we want to be able to walk every customer through the ordering process. Because shipping times can vary from product to product, we want to be able to give a realistic shipping timeline and communicate effectively to establish expectations with our customers.

- Where can I access my wishlist items?

You have to be logged into your account in order to start a wishlist. You can access the wishlist on the top left of the website. 

- Will my items be shipped directly to me?

Yes! Your items will be delivered to the address of your choosing. Not all items will ship together, and we will give you a shipping timeline on each item ordered. Some of our items will have a free local pickup option as an alternative.

- Do you offer local pickup?

We only offer local pickup for select items. Please see item description to see if the item is eligible for free local pickup. If you select our free local pickup, be prepared to bring your own muscle! Our gals will not be doing heavy lifting!

- What is your return policy?

You can find our return policy here.

- What happens if my item is damaged?

Please contact us at customerservice@goldenfinchboutique.com with photos of the damage within 48 hours of receiving your purchase. 

- Do you ship items from your boutique?

We post a variety of boutique specific items on our social media channels. There are some items that may not qualify for shipping, but we would love to start the conversation with you!  For more information, please reach out to us at customerservice@goldenfinchboutique.com, call us at (309) 886-3296, or DM us on Instagram or Facebook.